Digital Harmonic and Honeywell Announce Strategic Agreement

Honeywell and Digital Harmonic, LLC have announced the signing of a partnership agreement to provide next generation edge processing software on Honeywell router platforms to improve video quality while reducing bandwidth needed to transmit and receive live video feeds. The solution will be offered to a wide range of Honeywell’s industrial, commercial and defense customers […]

PurePixel – Enhance images automatically


When applied to video or still images, PurePixel optimizes exposure, increases contrast and detail, deblurs, and reduces noise in low quality images, leaving no detail undiscovered. When used upstream of a machine learning image classifier, PurePixel increases the probability of object classification. How it works Straightforward solution. Clear configuration. PurePixel can process full-motion video at […]

Keyframe – 4K quality from 1080p source


Keyframe is a cross-platform software library that easily integrates into any video workflow to dramatically increase video stream quality while reducing bandwidth 20% – 80%. Deliver lower bandwidth content with zero degradation for the end-user. How it works Deliver crystal clear content at lower bandwidth. Zero degradation. Keyframe integrates where you need it Keyframe operates […]

Listen to CEO Scott Haiges at Dr. Manny Fombu’s Bite the Orange Podcast

Digital Harmonic CEO Scott Haiges was invited to join Dr. Manny Fombu’s Bite the Orange Podcast, a show dedicated to showcasing the future of healthcare interlaced with digital innovations and technology. Scott provided an overview of Digital Harmonic and its full suite of product offerings, with a deep dive into CytoAcoustics – a Digital Harmonic […]

Digital Harmonic Launches Subsidiary DH CytoAcoustics, LLC., Unlocking Breakthrough Technology for Understanding How Cells Communicate Through Acoustic Vibrations

CytoAcoustic’s Proprietary Hardware systems combined with Digital Harmonic’s PMM Software enables precise real-time measurement and interpretation of the vibratory signature properties of living human cells, offering the unique advancement in ability to make cancer diagnoses within minutes and direct diagnoses and treatment for multiple other disease processes…

Webinar Recap

We were excited to host a webinar on December 15th featuring Digital Harmonic’s own Chief Technology Officer! Mason Baron took us through how best to use automated quality metrics to optimize streaming efficiency to all devices. Perceived quality is paramount in the entertainment and viewing industry, and the way we measure it has changed significantly. Re-watch the webinar here …

Mirror Images: When Art And Science Converge

Forbes magazine sat down with our founder, Paul Reed Smith, to discuss what it takes to stay relevant in the world of innovation. Read on to find out how, after four decades, our problem-solving Founder continues to create industry-disrupting solutions one day at a time. Read the article on Forbes. Get a personal demo. Interested […]

William Blair’s Q&A with Scott Haiges, CEO of Digital Harmonic

Digital Harmonic’s CEO Scott Haiges was honored to be featured in William Blair’s Private Company Spotlight. William Blair, a Global investment & wealth management firm, interviewed the CEO and featured an in-depth look at Digital Harmonic products, partners, and competitors – bringing clarity to the vision, mission and go-forward plan for Digital Harmonic. More information about […]

Guitar Heroes: Paul Reed Smith

Branded graphic that says - DIA Connections Podcast. Guitar Heros, featuring Paul Reed Smith

Paul Reed Smith on his contributions to national security, as well as his guitar playing, making, and musical influences. Paul Reed Smith is featured on the DIA Connections podcast, episode 12 – Guitar Heroes. Paul speaks about his contributions to national security, and his guitar playing and making. Joining the conversation is music buff and […]