Mason Baron on Enabling AI at the Edge with Dell Technologies

AI at the Edge

Dell Technologies Edge & IoT PowerChat #034 – Enabling AI at the Edge with Mason Baron

Mason Baron, Chief Technology Officer for Digital Harmonic, joins Bruce Hall for a Dell Technologies PowerChat podcast. They discuss Enabling AI at the Edge.

Listen as Mason talks us through some examples of video and imagery’s use at the edge. Mason additionally discusses some of the unique challenges in those venues.

After that, Mason and Bruce discuss solutions to achieve better efficiency in processing data. Learn how having cleaner data helps with AI processing as well as business insight extraction. In addition, considerations for transporting these potentially large amounts of data across limited bandwidth.

Then, Mason shares details about the powerful Digital Harmonic software Keyframe and PurePixel. These products were specifically designed to address the aforementioned data challenges. In conclusion, Mason discusses how Digital Harmonic products fit into the overall solution infrastructure– and the big payoff.

The relationships between Digital Harmonic, Dell, and NVIDIA are purpose-built to get results. Find out how.

Article reposted from Dell Technologies. Listen to the episode on SoundCloud.
Dell Technologies Edge & IoT PowerChat
Mason Baron, CTO of Digital Harmonic

…We focus on not being a rip and replace. We’re just software that sits in the existing infrastructure as a bump in the wire.

Mason Baron, Chief Technology Officer



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