Digital Harmonic Launches Subsidiary DH CytoAcoustics, LLC., Unlocking Breakthrough Technology for Understanding How Cells Communicate Through Acoustic Vibrations

Digital Harmonic’s CytoAcoustics from Digital Harmonic on Vimeo.


CytoAcoustics has created an entirely new investigative field: leveraging ML/AI to listen to living cells to recognize unique signatures for detection and diagnosis for a broad array of pathology, disease management and condition treatments. CytoAcoustics is building the technology platform to usher in a new domain for biomedical research into human disease and its treatment. This novel approach to accurately measure complex acoustic responses of cells and tissues opens the door to BioAcoustic Medicine for Precision Medicine and will make possible breakthrough innovations.

This innovative process for understanding how cells communicate through acoustic vibrations is a transformational leap forward for medical sciences, unlocking novel pathways for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of a myriad of diseases.

The video above provides an overview of CytoAcoustics technology, presented by Founder Paul Reed Smith, the CytoAcoustics management team and the field of experts from the CytoAcoustics Advisory Board.

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